Issues Created By Stumps Left In A Property

When we remove a large plant it is not possible for us to uproot the whole trunk with even the roots. Usually, we cut it down as close to the ground as possible. Then, we have to take measures to uproot the roots and the lower part of the trunk left in the ground. However, you can see that there are times when people just cut down a large plant but do not remove this lower part of the trunk that is still in the ground. Removing this stump is not an easy task. That is one of the reasons for people leaving it as it is without removing it. However, if you want to remove it, there are arborists who are more than happy to remove it on your behalf with the stump removal Perth service they offer. You should get those trunk parts removed because leaving it like that is going to create a number of issues.

Being a Danger for Those Who Use the Space

There are times when this trunk part gets covered with the grass. It can also get covered by something you have placed in front of it. If someone does not see it they can easily walk into it and hurt themselves. There are also times when people drive their vehicles into these parts of the trunk without knowing and end up damaging their vehicles. So, leaving it like that in the property is going to be leaving something that can hurt people and damage their property.

Being an Obstacle for Any Work You Need to Do in the Area

When this trunk part is there you cannot use that space for anything as it is covering the group and becoming an obstacle for your work. This means if you want to use that space of the property you have to get an arborist who offers stump grinding service from Urban Tree Lopping and remove it. There is no way for you to use that part of the property without removing this trunk part.

Being a Perfect Place for Pests to Breed and Live

Not removing this part of the trunk could be inviting pests to breed and live in your property. These stumps are a great place for termites to live. If you do not remove it, those troublesome creatures could start living there and things could get much worse if they decide to move to your buildings. If you really want to avoid these issues make sure to get an arborist to remove these trunk parts from your property as you cut down trees.

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