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Like many other job seekers, if you are also struggling for the job than you have reached the right place. Here you will find out a solution and after reading this article you will get your desired job. Let us start from the beginning, which is your Resume and CV whose abbreviation is Curriculum Vitae. Now, most of us make mistake in making out Resume or CV. Well, before starting let us find out the difference in between Resume and CV so that we can understand it more clearly.

Difference between CV and Resume!

In an addition, the Resume is a specific profile that is drafted with an objective to the specific job and we can not use our resume for general jobs application. Like for an example, if you wanted to apply for two jobs so you should not use the same resume for both application and you have to draft a specific resume for each job which is most relevant and keep all of your details in a summarised way. While on the other hand side the CV is a general format of your complete profile in details and can be used for several job applications.

What things needed to be checked before applying to any job?

Now, what happens is that we never notice or you can say most of us don’t know that how to apply for a job. So, below is some of the points you should always check before you apply to any job which increases your chance of selection.

  • Check the job requirement thoroughly!

At first you should have to check all of the requirement of the job to which you are applying to and make a check list than review your CV or Resume which an employer requested for. Here we make mistakes, when we don’t know the difference between CV and resumes NZ so we count both same but in real these are two different things. So, as we have discussed above. We should keep care what they have asked and apply with the specific document, requested.


  • Complete the check list and apply to the job whom you are best suitable!

You should have to check marks the requirement of the job and consider to apply only when you are fully confident that you have got such skills, expertise, education and experienced that are required by an employer. Because if you apply without checking mark than there is very less chance of being selected.

Well, there are many other things needed to be checked and several other points needed to be considered while drafting a CV or Resume, which we shall be discussing in detail in another article. If you are looking for the workable CVs and Resume made professionally than the best and most recommended solution provider is CV Express. For more details and get touch with them you may visit their website at www.cvexpress.co.nz.

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