What Does A Gas Fitter Do For A Living

You might have heard the term gas fitter but might not be actually aware of who a gas fitter is and what does he do for a living. Our country is blessed with many natural blessings and one of the biggest one is seasons. Summers are full-blown in our country and as well as winters. Where summer is crowd favourite, winters might get a little backlash due to increased level of difficulty in living conditions. People thrive to make favourable living conditions in winters, the topmost priority for anybody is making sure 24-hours availability of hot water. Get the geyser system installed of getting the plumbing connected to it, all these tasks require utmost professional expertise. Gas fitter is a person who performs all these tasks such as getting the geyser system installed, making sure it is up and running perfectly, getting the plumbing connected to hot water system as well as install and maintain thermostat temperature of the entire house. A gas fitter is most sought after person in winters and people make appointments to hire them, usually with a long waitlist.

Being a gas fitter is no longer a low-level profession, in fact, it comes with good money and good financial flow. No doubt it is a labor-intensive job and requires expertise as well as experience. There are different diplomas and short courses for people who wish to come into this profession. For people who are unfamiliar with a gas fitter’s working domain, a brief introduction to the duties of gas fitter is given below.

  • Installation

A gas fitter is expert enough to install plumbing line, geyser, thermostat and heating systems. He may work alone or work with a team of workers. Installation of any of these systems is a lengthy process and may require time as well as money on the higher side. While hiring the person, first of all a site visit is scheduled so he can look at all the work that has to be done. Gas fitter may then and there quote service charges against the work, he can also provide the hardware at an additional cost.

  • Maintenance

Apart from installing and setting the system to be up and running, a gas fitter can also be appointed for the maintenance of already installed system. A competent and expert gas fitter is able to make the system that might be falling apart, to become impeccable again. The maintenance charges are also on the higher side as it requires more thought and expertise in order to make it perfect.

  • Expert opinion

If someone is curious about their plumbing or countering a problem in the system, he may also hire a gas fitter for getting an expert opinion. He can show only the work that is to be done, get cost estimate or ask about the timeframe in which the work has to be done.

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