Industrial Automation… No More A Myth

There was a time when people used to hire hundreds of people to handle a single job. Yes that was the time when there was no technology participation, but in this era every single thing is handicapped without technology. Industrial process is a field where things are dependent on manpower and machinery both. And the basic factor which can make an industry efficient or inefficient depends on the effectiveness of the system; the process. So here is the deal, since the technological advancement is so high these days, in order to increase the flexibility, efficiency and productivity industrial automation Perth is a must. So let’s gear up towards the benefits of automation in industrial fields.

Productivity: May be only few among us are working in an industrial environment, but those who are actually working there must know, that double and triple shifts are quite common. Whenever they receive something big they speed up the production process, as a result they need more men to work for extended time frame. Sometimes the situation becomes truly bad that they keep the plant open without any gap. Through industrial automation one can at least take the sigh of relief, for example: in Coca cola things are quite automated human intervention is now suppressed to a minimum level, automatized processes are working day and night for enormous production of COKE.

Quality: Human intervention cannot be neglected anywhere but, when it comes to a position where no rest is allowed; first thing which suffers is quality of the product. There are so many companies in car industry which are operating fully on robots and automatic processes such as: Lamborghini and Maserati, so much so that the seat covers are no more require a human to handle them. All is done through machines.

Accuracy: Why humans were replaced by computers? Only because of efficiency and accuracy and definitely they are two most key elements in industrial process. Through automated processes, only the figures need to be added and rest is up to that machined process. Industrial automation is the next level required these days in almost all developed countries. Accuracy and consistency are two keys through which one can sustain against any competition

In real industrial automation is a broad connotation under which millions of development, idea, screening of ideas and technology are required. Japan is the classic example of industrial automation, where in high schools they are teaching kids robotics as a subject and practical projects (to make robots are pre requisites in their course study). For a layman, use of computer in process, robots and high tech machinery are some basics for industrial automation process, research and development sector must perform an extra mile of any country to achieve industrial automation. It’s not that easy since the initial investment is very high but, worth investing in industrial automation. Check this link https://www.megatronicpower.com/control_systems to find out more details.

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